Simple testing tools for complex software projects.

  • a comprehensive bug tracker
  • an intuitive test case manager
  • combined to unleash your team’s potential
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Uncluttered, intuitive interface & detailed bug reports.

Because a good bug report is a developer’s best friend.

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Manage test cases & execute test runs easily.

One test suite to rule them all. Lean Testing helps teams to create, maintain and execute test cases simply and efficiently.

Build test suites with as much or as little details as needed. Execute test runs and keep track of your test results directly in your bug tracker.

It’s everything you need to manage your software testing operations, built by testers for testers and their developer friends!

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Report bugs from your browser window.

Click on the bug icon in your browser to take a screenshot • Annotate your screenshot • Submit a detailed bug report quickly and easily

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Report bugs directly from your mobile apps.

Install our iOS or Android SDK in just minutes.

By taking a screenshot inside your app, your testers can report bugs directly in your bug tracker.

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Manage beta testing campaigns.

Invite fans to participate in a beta testing projects by giving them a limited access to your bug tracker.

Our rigid bug report template will ensure that you have all the information you need to grasp and resolve every bug that is reported.


Smart integrations with the tools you use.

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Events in your bug tracker are automatically posted in Slack, so your team is always on the same page.

Update bugs from your commit messages.

Simply add the bug number and desired status between brackets, like this: [ 345 Resolved ] and the status of a bug is automatically updated in Lean Testing.