Month: March 2014

Announcing Damn Bugs: Lean Testing’s Free Bug Tracker

Damn Bugs bug tracker

UPDATE 04/23/2015: Damn Bugs has now joined our Test Case Management system, Overlook, to become Lean Testing! We are very excited that the great success of our free bug tracker, Damn Bugs, has allowed us to keep working on making it better and better! ————————————————————- We’re very excited to announce that Damn Bugs, our very own bug tracker, is now available for free for any company that wishes to use it for its internal testing process. We know that there are lots of bug trackers already on the market. We used MantisBT for a long time, and many of our clients use Jira. Both are great tools. However, over the last year as we focused on building the world’s best-crowdsourced testing platform, we also developed a great free bug tracker that we wanted to share with our fellow developers. Damn Bugs is just a free bug tracker. It doesn’t do project management and it doesn’t help you manage your project files. It’s just a system that helps you manage and follow-up on bug reports from your testing team. If you’re already familiar with Damn Bugs, then you’ll notice that the interface is still very clean without too many features. We only […]

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Interview with Dragu Costica – Software Tester at Crowdsourced Testing

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dragu Costica, an active member of the Crowdsourced Testing Community. Dragu’s profile is rather atypical. Unlike the vast majority of you, Dragu does not have a degree in computer science or a certification in software testing. If you ask him how he became a software tester, he won’t tell you that it was his dream since he was a child, because things occurred differently. Instead, he will tell you that he “started off on simply receiving a beta invitation” and that he was “younger and just hyped to be trying a game before it was released”. He had never tested before, but he quickly realized that he actually loved identifying a lot of “glitches and missing effects”. The opportunity came up and he seized it. And today, Dragu is one of our top 50 QA testers worldwide, and we are very happy that he is a part of our community. He kindly accepted to answer our questions, and I thought I should share this fascinating interview with you to learn a bit more about one of your fellow testers.  1. What makes you a software tester? DC: This may sound OCD-ish, but in […]

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What Do Professional Testers Bring To The Table?

At Crowdsourced Testing, we recognize the value of professional testers. In fact, unlike many of our competitors, we only employ people who are currently working in the industry or people who have been employed as full-time professional testers in the past. There is something to be said for usability testing with average users, but when it comes to functional software testing, only professionals can guarantee a smooth process and deliver the results that developers need. There are five key skills that we expect every professional tester to have in their toolkit.   1. Curiosity and determination It’s not enough to run through a batch of test cases and stick to the script. Professional testers will always investigate further. One of the problems with software developers running their own testing is that they’ll run through the software exactly the same way each time. They’ll use it the way they intend it to be used. Testers will dream up the odd scenarios that occur in the real-world. They’ll emulate end users who lack that product knowledge. They’ll keep pushing until it breaks. Professional testers combine attention-to-detail with a questioning mind. 2. Familiarity with the target platform If you don’t understand how the target […]

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Top 10 Qualities That Make An Effective Software Tester

What does it take to become a software tester? Software testers possess a very refined skill set that allows them to do their job well and add value to a development project. Here’s a list of the top 10 qualities of an effective software tester: 1. Attention to detail Identifying glaring issues is easy enough, but where your expertise as a software tester really comes into play is in identifying bugs that aren’t quite as obvious. Oftentimes, it’s the small stuff that can have a pretty serious trickle-down effect on an entire application. So, in addition to the big picture, an effective tester knows to pay attention to the details. 2. Ability to communicate Communication – both verbal and written – is a vital skill to have, since you’ll find yourself in close contact with developers, business analysts, and other major stakeholders in a project. It’s your job to ensure you understand requirements, can describe test criteria and are able to explain how to recreate issues. As a software tester, you also can’t be afraid to ask questions or vocalize your concerns. 3. Patience Whoever coined the phrase “patience is a virtue” probably would have made a good tester. Rushing through […]

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