Month: March 2015

Management Strategies for Remote Testing Teams

Of all the industries that have come to embrace the distributed workforce, software development and testing would appear to be among the best suited. With a team of tech-savvy employees who are fluent in the latest project management and communication tools, managing remote testing teams shouldn’t present a challenge. We all know, of course, that this is not the case. The truth of the matter is that technology has little to do with many of the issues remote managers face. Geographically dispersed teams spanning multiple times zones, cultures and, in some cases, languages, respond to different management strategies than their in-office counterparts. “Work From Home” Doesn’t Mean “Work Informally” With the tempting prospect of reducing overhead costs and attracting top talent, software companies too often rush into hiring remote workers without first putting together a formal set of policies that outline employee responsibilities and expectations. If your organization does not yet have a remote working policy in place, do everything in your power to establish one. This will make your job (and theirs) much easier. As a manager, you need to make it clear to your remote testing teams that while working from home does allow for increased flexibility, they will […]

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Top 5 Testing Tricks to Help You Uncover Hidden Bugs

As a tester, it’s your job to emulate the end user of the product you are testing. By identifying and describing important defects, you’re making sure that they get a quality product. The reason that developers make such bad testers is that they know exactly how the software is supposed to work. Therefore, they use it as they intended. The trouble is that defects are not always easy to find, and some testers get conditioned into treading well-worn paths by the repetitive nature of the task. Sometimes you have to stray off the beaten track to bag a big bug. Here are the top five testing tricks to help you keep an open mind.   Go off script Don’t follow the same set of instructions in exactly the same way every time you test. Sometimes you have to break the rules and go beyond the scope of your test case. If you spot a potential vulnerability, or you can see a different way that you might try to achieve the same thing, then go for it and see what happens. When everybody sticks to the script and uses the software exactly as intended, defects inevitably slip through. Avoid this by […]

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Announcing Overlook: Our Test Plan Management Software

Today we’re announcing the soft launch of our new test plan management software: Overlook. We’ve taken many of the elements of Damn Bugs and applied them to another painful part of the software testing process: creating and executing test plans. As testers, we’re big fans of exploratory testing. However, sometimes you need that guide to help ensure that all your product’s subtleties were well-tested. That’s exactly what Overlook is for! Overlook, first and foremost, fulfills one of our needs. As a crowd-sourcing company, we needed a way to provide guidance and help structure our testers’ efforts. We looked around and quickly realized… Current test plan management software alternatives are antiquated. Or they are outrageously expensive. With Overlook, you can easily create and execute test plans with your team, whether internal or external. You’ll also have access to our very own iOS and Android readiness checklists to help you ensure that your apps are ready for publication on the App Store and Google Play store. And just like Damn Bugs, Overlook is totally free. So please, give it a try and give us your feedback. Since Damn Bugs’ inception, there have been over 150 feature requests submitted by users. We’ve implemented over 75 of them so […]

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