Month: February 2016

How to Enable Status Updates via Commits in GitHub and Bitbucket

You can now enable status updates in GitHub and Bitbucket on a per-project basis. To do so, follow these simple steps: Connecting Github and Bitbucket with Lean Testing: Go to the project’s management page and connect your GitHub or Bitbucket account. From there, select the repository and the branch you want to link to your project. Changing bug status updates via commit messages: The Github and Bitbucket integration allows repository committers to change bug statuses by embedding specific commands into their commit messages. You simply need to add the bug number and desired status between brackets [ ] in your commit. For example: And voilà! That is how you enable bug status updates, and they will be updated automatically in Lean Testing.  

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10 Quick Tips to Promote Your App or Game

There are more than 1.5 million apps and games on offer in Apple’s App Store, and even more than that in Google’s Play Store. What that means for you is that you need to work to make sure that you promote your app or game correctly. Promotion activities should start in parallel with the development, build to a crescendo on launch day and continue for as long as you intend to support the app. If you lack a big budget for advertising or the ability to hire a marketing firm, what can you do to promote your app or game? We’ve got ten suggestions for you here that are achievable without investing too much time or money. Create a press kit. A good press kit is an essential tool that will boost your chances of getting coverage to promote your app or game. It should include a straightforward explanation of the game and a wee bit of background on the developer. However, the most important element is excellent screenshots that show off the best features of your app. For some apps, particularly games, it’s a good idea to include video, but upload it to YouTube or another hosting site and […]

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