Month: April 2016

Markdown is now Enabled and Supported in Lean Testing

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By popular demand, we’ve now enabled Markdown in Lean Testing. What is Markdown? Markdown is a very simple way to add formatting to your text. You can use Markdown syntax to format the content of your bug reports, test cases and messages in the Conversation page. In this blog post, I will be providing the basic elements of Markdown. Here are some elements to help you start: You can make text “italic” or “bold” by using *italic* and **bold** or _italic_ and __bold__ You can create lists by simply adding a dash – before the list elements, as such: – First element – Second element – Third element And you can create a checklist as such: [x] First item, checked [ ] Second item, unchecked [x] Third item, checked Links are automatically generated when URLs are detected, and you can link to bug reports by simply adding the pound sign # before their number (Example: adding #20 will link to bug report number 20) Most excitingly, you can now use code blocks: To add a code block, start by adding ~~~ before and after your code: ~~~ $form = $this->beginWidget(‘bootstrap.widgets.BsActiveForm’, array( ‘layout’ => BsHtml::FORM_LAYOUT_HORIZONTAL )); ~~~ Using these tips opens up a tremendous amount of […]

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Motivating Developers: 5 Tips to help you Succeed

Completing a software project successfully can be very tough. It depends on many different factors, but one thing that project managers frequently overlook, at their peril, is motivating developers. If morale takes a nose dive, the project often does, too. When properly motivated, developers will go that extra mile to ensure the software they’re working on surpasses expectations. How do you keep energy levels up and get the best from your team? Here are five broad tips to keep in mind when motivating developers: A realistic challenge. The majority of software projects fail. It’s surprisingly rare for a software project to come in on time and on budget. That’s largely because of poor planning and business pressures, but regardless of the cause, it can have a seriously negative influence on developer motivation. When you ask developers to complete a task in an unrealistic time-frame, or push them to cut corners, they get frustrated. It can become impossible for them to do a good job when they lack the necessary time and budget. It’s also important not to go too far the other way. People need to feel challenged to be motivated. The trick is finding a balance where the task […]

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