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Internet of Things: What Is It and How Do We Test It?

The rise of the smartphone and the app explosion presented a wave of new challenges for testers. Suddenly, applications had to gracefully handle interruptions, cope with multiple connection types of varying quality and remain usable with a touch interface. Furthermore, just as we’re getting comfortable with mobility, a new trend is trying to shake things up. This time, it’s the Internet of Things. As we push Internet connections into more and more of our devices and link them together, we create all sorts of opportunities for new software to enable us to do more. Wearables are taking off in a big way, but home automation, smart appliances and integrated car systems aren’t far behind. How will these new trends impact on testing departments? Firstly, What is the Internet of Things? Wikipedia defines the Internet of Things as “a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.” What are the New Challenges? In many ways, the Internet of Things merely presents the same challenges in a new form, or perhaps a more concentrated form. It will take things further down the path that mobile has already started us down. Multiple […]

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