Lean Testing API Contest: Win Jon Snow’s sword

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6 years ago, the good folks over at Wufoo held an API contest in which the first prize was a friggin’ battle axe.

I thought that was absolutely brilliant on their part and I was positively jealous of how creative their idea was. Ever since we’ve had a public API for Lean Testing I wanted to do something similar. But obviously we couldn’t do it unless we had something more badass to give away than a friggin’ battle axe. Let’s just say that was hard to beat.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was browsing Facebook before going to bed and I saw the ad I had been waiting for. Longclaw, Jon Snow’s sword from the hit series Game of  Thrones, was back in stock at Valyrian Steel.

If anything is more badass than a friggin’ battle axe, it’s Jon Snow’s sword.

Just ask our colleague Manuel who was kind enough to take a photo with it:

Longclaw Valayrian Steel

It’s one of the few remaining swords made of Valyrian Steel, and the only one that is confirmed to have killed a White Walker. I don’t know about you, but I would very much appreciate having Longclaw by my side when winter comes. So here you go.

We’re giving away Jon’s Snow’s Longclaw to whoever builds the best, most useful integration of our API, as determined by our users.

Method of selection for the winner

What we are looking for is some sort of usage of our API that brings value to our community. We are not going to pick a winner. We publish all entries on the site and the entry that is most used during the months of January and February 2017 as determined by Google Analytics statistics will be the winner.

  • It can be a client app of some sort;
  • It can be an integration with a popular system;
  • It can be anything that makes bug reporting easier and more efficient for our users.

Of course, you can use our PHP, Ruby and Python libraries to get a head start.

Deadline / How to enter

You have until December 23rd to submit your entry by contacting us at: support@leantesting.com

You can host your application yourself, we can host it for you, or you can share it via a public repository on GitHub or Bitbucket, the choice is yours.

Here are the fine prints:

Absolutely no purchase required.

There is only one prize and the total value is approximately $600 CAD. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. It goes without saying that the sword is a replica, but it is an officially-licensed one.

The chance of winning depends on the number of entries submitted.

This contest is open to all participants worldwide, provided that your country/state’s laws and regulations permit it.

The contest begins today, October 19th 2016, and the deadline to submit applications is December 23rd 2016, 23h59 Eastern Standard time.

Of course we encourage you to make free applications, but you can make paid one if you choose, and you are free to sell it. We will include it in the list of entries and promote it.

The winner will be selected and notified March 1st, 2017 based on actual usage statistics from Google Analytics collected during the months of January and February 2017.

The winner accepts to send us a photo of themselves with the sword for usage on our blog.

This contest is sponsored by Crowdsourced Testing SpA.
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