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Bug Reports: The Key Element Of Your Software Testing Process

“The success of a crowd testing company hinges on its ability to develop a user-friendly platform, but most importantly, on its ability to deliver quality bug reports to its clients.” This is what Simon Papineau, CEO of Crowdsourced Testing, realized two years ago when he founded the company. Bug reports are at the heart of the software testing process. Their main goal is to describe an issue in detail and in a way that it cannot be misunderstood. They ensure that no one can deny the importance of fixing the issue. Consequently, if bug reports are badly written, confusing, or incomplete, it does not serve this purpose. The best way to ensure the quality of a bug report is to focus on the pillar of the software testing process: testers. What do you expect from your testers? How would like them to report bugs? What should be included in a bug report to streamline the resolution process? Once you’ve answered those questions, you are ready to provide your testers with the relevant tools to perform testing properly. At Crowdsourced Testing, we have been thinking extensively about a way to improve our tester’s bug reports. We recently launched Damn Bugs, an […]

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Interview with Dragu Costica – Software Tester at Crowdsourced Testing

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dragu Costica, an active member of the Crowdsourced Testing Community. Dragu’s profile is rather atypical. Unlike the vast majority of you, Dragu does not have a degree in computer science or a certification in software testing. If you ask him how he became a software tester, he won’t tell you that it was his dream since he was a child, because things occurred differently. Instead, he will tell you that he “started off on simply receiving a beta invitation” and that he was “younger and just hyped to be trying a game before it was released”. He had never tested before, but he quickly realized that he actually loved identifying a lot of “glitches and missing effects”. The opportunity came up and he seized it. And today, Dragu is one of our top 50 QA testers worldwide, and we are very happy that he is a part of our community. He kindly accepted to answer our questions, and I thought I should share this fascinating interview with you to learn a bit more about one of your fellow testers.  1. What makes you a software tester? DC: This may sound OCD-ish, but in […]

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