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Mobile Deep Linking: What it is and Why You Should Care

People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, and most of that time is spent within apps. It’s something we looked at recently when we asked: have native apps killed the mobile web? The idea is backed up by analytics from Flurry, which revealed that just 10% of total time spent on mobile for the average American was spent in the browser in 2015, down from 14% in 2014 and 20% in 2013. People prefer mobile apps because they tend to offer a superior experience. This is why many businesses are focusing their efforts there, and that means mobile deep linking is something you need to get on board with, fast. What is mobile deep linking? In simple terms, mobile deep linking is when you tap on a link in your browser and it takes you directly into a specific location in the corresponding mobile app. It might be a specific page of information or a product page. This is a neat way around the problem of tapping on a link to an app like Twitter, for example, and being prompted to log in through the website, even though you are already logged into the app on your […]

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10 Quick Tips to Promote Your App or Game

There are more than 1.5 million apps and games on offer in Apple’s App Store, and even more than that in Google’s Play Store. What that means for you is that you need to work to make sure that you promote your app or game correctly. Promotion activities should start in parallel with the development, build to a crescendo on launch day and continue for as long as you intend to support the app. If you lack a big budget for advertising or the ability to hire a marketing firm, what can you do to promote your app or game? We’ve got ten suggestions for you here that are achievable without investing too much time or money. Create a press kit. A good press kit is an essential tool that will boost your chances of getting coverage to promote your app or game. It should include a straightforward explanation of the game and a wee bit of background on the developer. However, the most important element is excellent screenshots that show off the best features of your app. For some apps, particularly games, it’s a good idea to include video, but upload it to YouTube or another hosting site and […]

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Soft Launch: How To Make Your Launch Successful

Soft Launch When you’re releasing a new mobile game or app, it can be tough to get everything right the first time. You might be uncertain about some of the mechanics or features, or maybe you’re not sure that your in-app purchases are set at the right level. Ensuring that you meet, or ideally surpass, user expectations is easier said than done. It can be especially tough if you have something truly innovative on your hands. One of the smartest ways to work everything out is to soft launch your app with a small, targeted set of users. You might choose to release in a single market that’s similar to your main target market, or perhaps you’ll go with a managed subset of users on an invite-only approach. We’ve looked at the advantages and disadvantages to using early adopters as beta testers before, but you should make sure that your app is relatively defect-free and polished before a soft launch. The Metrics That Matter The important part of a soft launch is to get your metrics in place beforehand. You need to be measuring what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make the right changes ahead of the full launch. […]

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What Apple’s New 3D Touch Technology Means for Mobile Gaming

September 25th saw the official release of the iPhone 6s. Without a doubt, the most notable innovation in the incarnation of the device is the introduction of 3D touch technology. The Next Generation of Multi-Touch Touted as the next generation of the groundbreaking multi-touch, 3D touch adds another dimension to the user experience with a pressure-sensitive display that is heavily integrated into iOS 9. Using an array of sensors capable of measuring the most minute changes in distance between the device’s backlight and cover glass, 3D touch recognizes both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ touches. Improvements in the device’s taptic engine also make it possible for users to receive tactile – and distinctive – feedback from these interactions. The phone’s home screen gives you a taste of what 3D touch allows. Tapping the home screen softly opens a ‘Quick Actions’ menu. Users can access shortcuts to features and actions they use frequently. This can include anything from opening the camera to messaging a specific contact. Users can select an option by pressing harder on it within the menu. 3D touch also extends to a variety of built-in applications, such as messaging and email. Thus allowing users to preview and access features in a […]

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How to Use In-App Analytics to Improve your Mobile Game

The success of a mobile app is usually equated with how many times it is downloaded. However, download figures do not tell the whole story of an application’s success and failures. If you dig a little deeper and examine your app’s analytics, you can potentially uncover a treasure trove of information, including valuable insight that you can use to improve your game and its monetization. What to Track Startup expert and venture capitalist, Dave McLure, outlined five key metrics that startups should monitor to measure user behavior. The metrics also happen to apply well to the mobile app industry. Most in-app analytics tools offer insight into the following: Acquisition – where/what channels do users come from? Activation – what % have a “happy” initial experience? Retention – do they come back & re-visit over time? Referral – do they like it enough to tell their friends? Revenue – can you monetize any of this behavior? (Metrics source: 500 Hats) Start Monitoring Analytics as Early as Possible Despite the amount of time and effort developers put into designing their applications, there is no real way of predicting exactly how users will interact with an app until you place it in their hands. Gathering analytics during your game’s […]

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