A better, simpler bug tracker

Lean Testing makes bug tracking a simple and efficient affair that your whole team will love.

Faster bug reporting

With our browser extension, you can take screenshots, annotate them and report bugs without leaving the page you’re on.

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Healthy reporting practices

Accelerate your testers’ work with standardized and complete bug reports. Enable your developers to understand defects instantly.

Easy permission management

Invite internal team members and external collaborators to take part in your testing process. Manage their permissions and assign tasks based on roles.
It’s easy and fast.

Intuitive interface

Lean Testing was designed to be friendly and easy to use. No unnecessary information, no useless features. Just the basics.

Useful project status charts

Get clear figures regarding the number of open bugs, their severity and how close your project is to completion.

Timely notifications

You can be notified via Slack or email of all activity in your bug tracker or only events relevant to you – the choice is yours.

Report bugs from your mobile applications

Our free SDK takes a minute to install and enables your testers to report bugs directly inside your apps.

Find out more about our in-app reporting SDK.

Your entire team will love this bug tracker.

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  • We focus on the bug reporting methodology.

    We built Lean Testing with a single focus in mind: helping testers provide a clear, comprehensive overview of the bugs they find. We want your bug tracker to become your ally, not a beast that you fear. We encourage you to read the article “How to write good bug reports” on our blog for an overview of how Lean Testing bug reports are structured.

  • Does Lean Testing integrate with other systems?

    Lean Testing integrates with Slack, GitHub, BitBucket and webhooks. We also provide a public API if you’d like to build your own integration for other systems.

  • What type of projects is Lean Testing suitable for?

    Lean Testing is best suited for web, mobile and software projects. Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to simplify the software development process by making bug reporting and bug tracking fast and efficient.