In-app bug reporting for mobile applications

Say goodbye to disorganized user feedback by email.
Get clear, complete bug reports directly in your bug tracker.

Have you ever encountered a bug in your mobile app while you were away from the computer and thought: “I need to report this to my team!”?

Lean Testing’s in-app bug reporting SDK enables any user of your mobile app to report bugs directly to your bug tracker.

Whether your team is testing a new app or you seek feedback from a group of beta testers, our in-app reporting SDK makes it easy to collect complete and detailed bug reports.

Much like our bug tracker, you’ll find the process of submitting detailed bug reports to be very straightforward and intuitive.

It starts with a screen capture – a natural gesture for a tester.

We paid special attention to ensure that the process of reporting bugs on a mobile device is as smooth as on a desktop computer.

Reporting bugs on the go in 3 steps

  • Press and hold the Home and Power buttons of your mobile device simultaneously to take a screenshot.

  • Annotate your screenshot.

  • Fill in your bug report form.
    That’s it! Your bug report is submitted.

Easy to use
  • Installation takes only a minute
  • The same detailed bug reports you know and love
  • No need to leave the app to report a bug
  • The device information is automatically saved
  • Simplify your testing team’s work… or invite your users to provide feedback!

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