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Top 10 Qualities That Make An Effective Software Tester

What does it take to become a software tester? Software testers possess a very refined skill set that allows them to do their job well and add value to a development project. Here’s a list of the top 10 qualities of an effective software tester: 1. Attention to detail Identifying glaring issues is easy enough, but where your expertise as a software tester really comes into play is in identifying bugs that aren’t quite as obvious. Oftentimes, it’s the small stuff that can have a pretty serious trickle-down effect on an entire application. So, in addition to the big picture, an effective tester knows to pay attention to the details. 2. Ability to communicate Communication – both verbal and written – is a vital skill to have, since you’ll find yourself in close contact with developers, business analysts, and other major stakeholders in a project. It’s your job to ensure you understand requirements, can describe test criteria and are able to explain how to recreate issues. As a software tester, you also can’t be afraid to ask questions or vocalize your concerns. 3. Patience Whoever coined the phrase “patience is a virtue” probably would have made a good tester. Rushing through […]

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How-To Tutorial: How To Locate Your iOS Device’s UDID

UPDATE 02/24/2014: Although the methods below are still valid, we have built a very simple tool to allow you to find and copy your iOS device’s UDID. Simply visit the Get UDID page using Safari on your iOS device, and you’ll be able to share your UDID in less than 15 seconds! ————————————- The following is a simple tutorial on how to find your iOS device’s UDID. To install an iOS application in development on your iOS device, you need to provide your device’s UDID, short for Unique Device Identifier. Here are two primary methods to reveal your device’s UDID: Finding your iOS device’s UDID with iTunes Connect your iOS device to your computer Open iTunes In iTunes, click on the device’s name under “Devices” in the column on the left Click once on the serial number of the device in the window’s main section The serial number should then change to the device’s UDID That’s it! The process is the same in iTunes 11, however, navigation is slightly less straightforward than it was: 1. Connect your iOS device to the computer and open iTunes. 2. Click on the iPhone icon that appeared in the main navigation bar, as such: […]

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Can QA Testers Increase The Quality Of Web and Software Products?

If you’ve never worked as a QA tester, or been closely involved with a QA department, then you’d be forgiven for assuming that it’s all about bug-hunting. The truth is that, every product ships with bugs. Professional testers can help you to find them, but to assume that’s all they can do for you is folly. Given the time, resources, and remit, QA testers can emulate your end users. They can also guide your development, and ensure that your release is as good as it possibly can be.   Professional testers bring experience and intuition It’s time to ditch the misconception that QA testers mechanically focus on your functionality. Many of the basic functions of your product can receive validation by testing. The added value of testers lies in their unique perspective. An ability to assess the usability of a product is essential, particularly in the mobile age where apps have one shot to snare a user. An experienced tester will have a feel for how products should work and a knack for uncovering the unusual use cases that expose flaws. Developers sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees. There is such a thing as getting too close to […]

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How-To Tutorial: How To Use Mantis Bug Tracker Effectively

Mantis Bug Tracker logo

UPDATE 04/23/2015: Although Mantis Bug Tracker is a great tool, we now use our own bug tracker and test case manager, Lean Testing. All Crowdsourced Testing projects now use Lean Testing, and we have gotten great reviews from the hundreds of companies who use it as well. ————————————————- This is a tutorial on how to use Mantis Bug Tracker, the free open-source bug tracking software.   How to view specific projects in Mantis Bug Tracker 1. Log in with your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, you can reset your password using your email address from the link on the login page. 2. To see your project’s main page, you must select its name in the drop-down menu displayed in the upper right corner of the screen (refer to the screenshot below.) Once the page loads, click on the tab “See issues” to see all the previous entry bugs for this project.         Reporting a bug in Mantis Bug Tracker 1. To report a new issue, click on “Report Issue” in the main menu bar (shown below.) 2. A form will open titled “Enter Report Details”. You must fill in every field that it contains. The following […]

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