Managing test cases and test suites has never been this easy

We used our experience as testers to build the test case management solution of our dreams.

1 project = 1 test suite

No need to manage countless iterations of different test suites. In Lean Testing, projects have only one, always up-to-date test suite.

Include as many or as little detail as you need

Some test cases require extensive details, others require very few. All test cases can contain:

  • a precondition
  • an expected result
  • steps to execute
  • an attachment

Execute targeted test runs

You can select all critical test cases in your test suite for a quick smoke test. Or select a single component of your product and execute only the test cases related to that component.

Import and export to CSV

Excel is commonly used in the software testing industry and many testers are accustomed to using it to write test suites. So use it!

The visual reports that you expect

As a stakeholder, you want to know how your project is doing at a glance. Lean Testing has you covered.

Test case management + bug tracker = efficiency and happiness.

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  • Does Lean Testing integrate with other tools?

    Lean Testing works with Slack, GitHub, Bitbucket and webhooks. There’s even a free public API that you can use to create your own integrations.

  • What types of projects is Lean Testing best suited for?

    Lean Testing is ideal for testing websites, mobile applications and software projects in general.